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Burn Intervals

Okay, so “month 1” is a bit of a misnomer seeing as I’ve actually just started my sixth week but I’ll pretend last week never happened. Are we okay?

Great! We’re okay! Let’s move on!

So I know I’ve already done this hybrid before but I’ve never blogged my way through it and seeing as I’m taking it a bit more seriously this time (the first time I did it, I didn’t really pay attention to the nutrition plan and I also only worked out about 4 days per week instead of the full 6). I also have different goals this time around (I’m going for fat loss and strength rather than sheer weight loss).

So what does month one of the TurboFire/ChaLEAN Extreme hybrid program (*phew* That’s a mouthful!) consist of? ChaLEAN Extreme (hereby known as CLX ’cause my fingers’ll get tired) consists of three phases: 1) The Burn Phase, 2) The Push Phase, and 3) The Lean Phase. In month 1 of both CLX and the hybrid, you follow The Burn Phase for three weeks and the goal is to max out your muscles between 10 – 12 reps and we do it with combination exercises (working both your upper and lower body at the same time).

I used a combination of hand weights (using 5 and 9lbs) and resistance bands as that’s all I had (don’t you worry – things have CHANGED since then and just WAIT until I update you on month 2!). I did the best with what I could and for the movements where I needed heavier resistance, I envisioned my weights being far heavier than they actually were (try it sometimes, it works!). That being said, I knew I needed heavier weights for my legs as they’re so strong and although I LOVE resistance bands for upper body movements, they kinda suck on lower body. But, again, I used what I had and still managed to get a good burn out of it!

The final week of month one was a week of TurboFire and pure cardio with a splash of HIIT. Basically, it just sets you up for the more intense HIIT workouts in the future!

So what were my results for month one? Nothing huge but still progress and I’ll take it! I lost inches in some places and gained in others to the point that it all evened itself out and doesn’t look like I lost ANY inches (how funny is that?!) but the biggest difference there is that I lost almost an entire inch on my right thigh! Ha!

I’m not really using the scale as much of a basis of measurement but I did step on it just once(!) and it said I lost just over 3lbs but more important to me is fat loss and I’ve lost 1% of my fat so far! I’ll take it!

Nutrition-wise I started off pretty good and then had a bit of a setback but month 2 is starting off great and I’m making myself accountable to my husband who’s decided he’d like to feel a bit more comfy in his jeans again so we’re both working hard!

My second month in the program follows The Push Phase for four entire weeks and having acquired some important tools of the trade (all to be revealed later), I already know that I’m going to experience some AWESOME changes! I can’t wait to report back!


  1. Great job again Therese. I take it you did take the before picture and will take the during pictures of Day 30 and the after picture of Day 60. Have fun.

    Kudos on the clean eating bridal shower too. You deserve huge non-flour brownie points for that one!

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