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So you may have noticed my lack of updates in regards to my TurboFire/ChaLEAN Extreme Hybrid program I’ve been doing and I assure you that it’s not because I’ve slacked off. I am indeed in my THIRD month of the program although I had two weeks where working out was sporadic due to going to Las Vegas and coming back with a nasty cold.

The real reason I haven’t updated you on my “progress” and why things are going to have to change somewhat is because I managed to achieve a goal that I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year – my husband and I are expecting!!!

It’s true! We’re expecting our first little bundle of joy at the beginning of February and we’re absolutely over the MOON excited about it!

This, of course, has meant that my health and fitness goals have had to go through a bit of an overhaul and I’m more than happy to take ya’s all along for the ride!

So now what? My goal over the last few months was to focus on my hybrid program so I can burn fat and strengthen my body, now that I’m a living incubator what are my goals?



After talking with my doctor I’ve been given the green light to continue doing my program according to how I’m feeling on a daily basis. The good news is that, knock on wood, I’ve actually been feeling great so far! No crazy nausea or fatigue so it’s business as usual on the workout front. That being said, although she hasn’t told me to modify ANYTHING at this point, I’ve taken down the intensity a notch (and my HIIT workouts are mostly just slightly elevated workouts and not exactly HIIT at all), I’m doing modifications (so absolutely no jumping), I’ve lessened my weights a tad and I’ve already nixed any exercises where I have to lay flat on my back. Again, I was not told to do this but I figure I’m going to have to starting in August anyway and yes it may be a placebo but it makes me feel like I’m doing something to help out at this point!

My “goal” for fitness is really simple right now: keep at it! Being active during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself AND your baby and it’s also a great stress reliever and will help me to deliver better. I’ll be taking things on a day-to-day basis and listening to my body. If I’m super duper tired, I’ll let my body rest but the best way to gain energy is to work out so I’ll be doing my best to continue getting in about 30 minutes a day. I will continue with a modified version on my TF/CLX Hybrid program and revisit what I’ll do after it’s done.


Again, after talking with my doctor I’m continuing to eat like I normally do but of course taking out any pregnancy food red light items such as uncooked fish, alcohol, sprouts and the like. I’ve also cut back on my caffeine intake to just having one cup of coffee in the morning and switching to decaf if I want another cup throughout the day. I’m maintaining my weight at this point until I get word from my doctor/midwife to start adding calories and this has been weird because I’ve spent years eating at a slight caloric deficit that I’ve really had to sit and make a plan to maintain but it’s not been too bad, mostly I’m adding an extra snack in the evening and adding a bit more calories to each meal I’m already eating. Although I haven’t been sick, I’ve been feeling extremely bloated so I’ll go from being absolutely 100% NOT hungry to being ravenously hungry in about .5 seconds! Ha! I’m doing my best, despite this, to eat every 2-3 hours.

My “goal” for nutrition is simply to do what I’m told from my healthcare provider so I can continue to be as healthy as possible through this entire period and beyond.


This is an entirely new adventure for me and I’m both excited and nervous about it all but in the end I absolutely cannot WAIT to meet this little Peanut!


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