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So I promise not to turn this blog into a pregnancy blog but you’ll have to deal with a back-to-back one ’cause, well, it’s a bit of a big deal around our house for obvious reasons!

This time, however, I need to confess that although my last post outlined my plan thus far for how I plan to proceed with my health and fitness goals while pregnant, I haven’t exactly followed it over the last few weeks! Since the week leading up to heading out to Las Vegas up to last week my workouts have been sparse and I haven’t tracked my food and it’s starting to catch up with me. I wish I could blame it on pregnancy symptoms but I’d totally been lying. Life got super busy the week leading up to Vegas and the week of Vegas itself. Coming back from Vegas I got a nasty cold that knocked me out and it’s been hard for me to get back into the swing of things.

I haven’t really been nauseas and only felt a wee bit of fatigue but my cravings have been SO specific! Like, SIX SLICES OF TOAST in one day! Ha! And it had to be toast with butter and jam – nothing else would do! I wasn’t in the mood to make dinners so we ate out more than I’d like to admit and I’m feeling the effects of it. I have felt gross, gained a couple of pounds already and a bit down in the dumps. I’ve been a bad example of a fit and healthy pregnant woman this last month but this week we’ve changed that!

I’m feeling more like cooking again (before my hunger would come on so strongly that unless it took less than 10 minutes to make it wouldn’t get done) and giving myself some tough love to push play and get moving again. Even when I don’t feel like it I know that getting back on track will not only serve ME better but it’ll also serve my wee Peanut better.

I’m obviously still listening to my body but my body is telling me to keep doing what I’ve been doing! I certainly can’t use being a human host to my child as an excuse to my behaviour lately because I’ve been quite fine, I just started to slip back into unhealthy habits and this just goes to show that I’m not perfect. My healthy lifestyle is a DAILY CHOICE and one that I can easily fall back on. The difference is that if this were to have happened ten years ago, I’d just give up and keep falling down the hill, this time I can recognized what’s going on and make the decision to get back on track because I know that the alternative is NOT an option! My health is a lifelong journey, not a destination. When you make that mindset switch, you’re guarantee to achieve your goals no matter how long it takes or how many kids you have in the meantime!

Cheers to our health and to healthy babies everywhere!

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  1. Kristina says:

    Pregnancy is so tough, and I had a really easy pregnancy (no morning sickness, etc.). I found that no matter how health conscious I was and no matter how much I tried to make healthy choices, it was really easy to put on weight. I think it’s easier to put on weight when you’ve lost so much in the past. The fat cells are still there, albeit shrunken. Cut yourself a little slack but definitely keep an eye on things. Sometimes no matter how vigilant you try to be, your body (and your baby!) have other things in mind!

  2. You are you own control board when it comes to your lifestyle Therese and we all slip. Thank you for getting back up, cooking real meals not laden with hidden sodium that you and your Peanut do not need, especially in this stage of the game.

    You can do this and you will do this because you had your lightbulb moment go off and took control again. Feeling better inside and out is worth the price of what it takes to feed, hydrate and nourish your body with enough sleep and fresh air.

    On those days you just don’t feel like Pushing Play, come to my page and get outside for a mile walk or turn up the tunes and find one of the many YouTube videos that have indoor walking. Jessica Smith has lots of great ones. I know it isn’t BB, but BB just does not have ANY walking videos. Maybe if they did, so many people would have a fall back video to throw in on “those days”.

    I had my best walk ever this morning after the dreaded extreme heat of last week doing 6.29 miles this morning for my Power Walk because the weather was perfect for it.

    Have a Happy and Fit Day,

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