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After a crazy whirlwind of a day we gave birth to our kick ass son, Quentin, on February 1, 2014! We were a week early (thus bucking the trend of first-time mom’s giving birth late) and from water breaking to the actual birth took only 12 hours and we were back home and gazing at our new wee addition by 8:30pm that evening. Even now, over a month later it’s hard to believe just how fast it all happened and he’s already starting to outgrow some of his newborn clothes!

So now what? Aside from learning to be a parent I am a health and fitness coach and I have goals! Before getting pregnant I had a goal of getting into the BEST shape of my life and now that my pregnancy is over with, it’s time to get back to it! My goal for 2014 is to get to 20% body fat. Right now I’m at 28.2% body fat (which, incredibly enough, is DOWN from my pre-pregnancy body fat percentage of 31%) so I may actually be shooting my goal too low but I’m keeping it at this for now as I’ve never focused on body fat and have no idea how achievable this is in one year. I’ll be taking my measurements, re-assessing my body fat percentage, taking progress pics and, yes, still checking the scale ONCE PER MONTH. If I find that 20% body fat is crazy achievable in a few months, I’ll re-assess my goal.

My Post-Pregnancy Fitness Regime


Since my focus is on fat loss, I’ll be focusing more on high intensity workouts and strength training. This combination has proven to be the most effective way to burn fat because it boosts your metabolism and, as such, helps you to burn MORE calories throughout the day than traditional aerobic activity (to learn more about this, see my post on Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss). It also takes LESS TIME and as a mom of an infant, this is crazy important to me right now!

You know I love me some at-home workout programs and I’ve already mapped out the programs I’ll be doing this year that are geared towards giving me the absolute BEST results. I’m going to let you know what they are so if you want to join me, we can do them together*!

March 17Focus T25 (including Gamma)

June 30 – Chalene Johnson’s newest workout program**/ChaLEAN Extreme

September 22 – P90X3

December 15 – Body Beast/TurboFire Hybrid

* This schedule is tentative and subject to change depending on possible new programs that will be released this year (or just ’cause I want to change ’em!)

** This program has not been announced yet and I’m going on pure speculation although I know it’ll be announced in June. If this program is NOT out by July, I’ll be doing ChaLEAN Extreme again instead or P90X3!

My Post-Pregnancy Nutrition Plan

Food Collage

This is going to be my big focus for the year. Now that fitness is part of my life I no longer need to focus on getting my workouts in as much as I used to because working out has become a habit. Plus, the beauty of these workout programs is that all I need to do is follow the schedule I’m given for each program. It’s a total no-brainer!

For me to get the fat OFF I need to focus more on my nutrition. I can do all the awesome programs in the world to help me burn fat but if I ruin it by eating crap, it ain’t gonna work!

My nutrition plan is simple: focus on a macronutrient ratio of 30% fat, 30% protein and 40% carbohydrates on a daily basis by continuing to eat clean, unprocessed food 95% of the time and really honing in on portion control. I’ll definitely allow treats in my life but am going to do my best to keep them to a minimum and on the weekends. I will NOT be counting calories but will be tracking my food through taking photos and making a daily collage which will be posted to Instagram daily for added accountability.

Now, there is a possibility of me doing a 3-week detox program this year. I haven’t decided 100% if I’m going to do this as it will require me to NOT work out during that time. If I do decide to do it, I’ll let you know well beforehand and how you can join me.

How You Can Join Me

Fit Tribe Photo Bomb

I would love all the support I can get in this to help me stay accountable and if you think this is something you’d like to do with me, I support you 100%! All the fitness programs are easy to get (just shoot me a message and I’ll hook you up) and I’m going to be 100% transparent in not just my daily workouts and eating but also how I was able to do it all with infant. Every step of the way I’ll share in my journey: good and challenging! Awesome days, so-so days and just plain outright BAD days I’m going to be up front with you. I want you to know that I’m no different from you and this is how a regular person with similar responsibilities can still achieve their goals!

For everyone who wants to do each program with me, I’ll be creating a private Facebook group where we will stay accountable on a DAILY basis. But don’t worry! If you just wanna watch or do another program you can still join me through these different channels:

Facebook – I’ll be sharing my workouts, yummy recipes, progress stats and motivation to keep myself, and you, going on a daily basis.

Blog (located right here) – I’ll be sharing my weekly meal plan/prepping, progress updates and workout reviews here. I’ll address specific topics that arise while going through this process (like, what do I do with my kid while working out?) and answering questions you guys may have for me.

Instagram – Each and every day you’ll see exactly what I ate the day before (the good, the bad and the downright ugly) and my workout for the day. I’ll also share progress pics and transformation pics of anyone else doing the programs with me.

Are You Ready To Start?


After spending 3/4 of 2013 pregnant, it’s been a funny sort of adjustment NOT being pregnant and accepting that my body is indeed my own again. But I am 100% committed and dedicated to making this happen and whether you have the same goal as I do, want to lose a few (or a lot) of weight or even just want to maintain, I’d love to have you go through this with me!

Our first program is Focus T25 and we start on March 17th! If you want to do this with me, please see my T25 challenge page to register and you’ll want to do it BEFORE March 10th!

Now let’s do this! Let’s make those goals happen!


  1. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your lovely boy!! I was on SP today thinking he must have been born by now so decided to check out this site! I have every confidence in you that you will return to your pre-pregnancy body!

    • ThereseLean says:

      Awe! Thank you so much for checking in on me! I know I haven’t been all that active on SP (obviously I’ve been a bit busy) but I’m touched you sought me out! You should totally friend me on FB so we can keep in touch!

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