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T Snickers

Halloween is upon us. Finally! All I’ve heard this month from Quentin is: “It’s Halloween time?”, “Soon, honey. A few more days!”

We’ve been practicing our trick or treating skills like crazy and my hope is that this time we can have some smoother sailing going door-to-door than we did last year when he tried to jail break into every house we went to. His costume is ready (a skeleton – his choice!), his bucket has been well played with. Our pumpkins are carved, seeds roasted, front porch decorated. We’re ready!

But the one thing I keep hearing from my clients is this: I will NOT eat my kids candy. I will NOT eat me kids candy. How will I NOT eat my kids’ candy?!?!

This is a big problem for those just starting to make a habit out living a healthier lifestyle and although candy CAN play a part in a healthy lifestyle (I know I love it), it can be a huge trigger in the early days and having so much of it around the house can spell disaster for those who have been doing so well for so long.


Here are a few ways you can survive the week without caving or going overboard:

  1. My favourite plan for Halloween DAY is this: go out and buy your absolute FAVOURITE candy. I’m talking the expensive stuff. I’m talking the finest of Belgian chocolates. The homemade candy from the candy store downtown. Ben & Jerry’s. Or whatever you daydream about when you think about your favourite sweets. Get out there and get your #1 favourite, in ONE portion. When your kids are back from all of their trick or treating and they start diving into their candy, you take out YOUR candy. YOUR treat. Your GROWNUP treat and savour that mothertrucker. Do NOT scarf it down. Take a little bit and really feel it on the tongue. Close your eyes (if you need some alone time in your bedroom to do this, go for it. I won’t judge!) and give thanks to the candy gods above for giving you such a fine piece of mouthwatering goodness. Because here’s the thing: do you want a ton crappy candy that doesn’t even taste all that great or one piece of the absolute BEST tasting stuff that’s out there? I put my money on the good sh**!
  2. Remember this: it’s not YOUR candy. It’s your kids’ candy. I see far too many parents saying that they can’t keep their hands out of their kids’ candy but you’ll be amazed at what happens when you shift your mindset slightly. It’s not your candy to eat. Your kids were the ones who went out and got that candy, it’s their’s. I don’t want to hear anything about this “Candy Tax”, it’s just a bullcrap excuse for allowing yourself to over-indulge. Hands off your KIDS’ candy, it ain’t yours! You’d never allow your kids to go out and just take someone else’s candy so why should you?
  3. Hide it! Ask your kids or your spouse to hide the candy so you won’t eat it. If you really think you can’t keep your hands off it, get it out of sight so you won’t think about it.
  4. Abstain completely. Some people absolutely can’t moderate sweets. One mini-Snickers just leads into the whole bag. If that’s you, you’re better off abstaining COMPLETELY from sweets for the entire week. Don’t even entertain the thought. If you have to, tell your BFF that you’ll give them $50 if you do.
  5. Too late? You already binged way too much and feel guilty? Own what you did and move on right away. Don’t beat yourself up over it, just make the next meal your healthiest one yet and move on. What’s done is done, just bookmark this post a year from now so you don’t repeat your mistake!


This holiday isn’t supposed to be about fearing for your waistline, it’s supposed to be about FUN. You don’t need chocolate and candy rockets to have fun. Get caught up in your kids’ excitement and help them have a fun experience. The less you make it about the candy, the less it’ll BE about the candy and you won’t even think about it so much!

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