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I’m often asked about which products, programs and supplements I use on a daily basis to stay in shape, keep up my energy and lose weight. To be honest, they almost all come from the same company! From their fitness programs to their nutritionals I use Beachbody products on a daily basis. Not only are they amazingly effective (um… they created P90X and Insanity for cryin’ out loud and I drink Shakeology like it’s goin’ out of style!) but the company is one of the rare companies that I trust in the quality of their products and of their mission statement (which is pretty much the same as mine: Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life). In fact, I love the company so much and what they stand for that in October 2012 I decided to affiliate myself with them so I can help even more people get fit, health and enjoy their lives!

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Nutrition & Supplements

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Products may contain equipment with natural rubber latex which may cause minor to life-threatening allergic reactions.

Disclaimer Copy: Therese Lean is an Independent Beachbody Coach.