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Exclusive PiYo Test Group


It’s no joke that I’m a big Chalene Johnson fan. Not only have her workouts made me fall in love with fitness (AND shed 20 lbs) but her lifestyle program 30 Day Push changed my life. But one thing I noticed last year was just how much FITTER she was looking compared to when she filmed Turbo Fire (which is saying a LOT considering how amazing she looked during TF). At first I just chalked it up to her lifestyle but still, I was pretty impressed. The woman is in her 40’s and looking better and better every time I’d see a photo or video of her.

I HAD to know what she was doing.

Her answer?


She created PiYo (she once said it was “yoga for Type A people”) well over a decade ago to be taught in gyms across America but never actually utilized it for herself. She was a bigger fan of HIIT cardio (High Intensity Interval Training) and heavy lifting. But she said that for years she was getting plagued with injuries. That she’d heal from one just to get another. At first she chalked it up to age but then decided to go back to PiYo to see if that would heal her body a little better and within months she was starting to do things with her body she never could before (backbends and headstands and things she never really cared about but nevertheless was fascinated to learn she could do) but, more importantly, she STOPPED GETTING INJURED!

PiYo not only healed her body but made her stronger, fitter and far more flexible than she ever could have imagined and now she’s looking, and feeling, better than she EVER has.

Well that’s all I needed to hear and as soon as it was announced PiYo was FINALLY becoming an at-home workout program I said “FINALLY”!



What Is PiYo?

Carve an intensely defined physique-without jumps, without weights, and without joint strain. Using body weight, PiYo uses low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. The result? Long, lean, muscles, a high, firm booty, and tight, flat, sexy abs. PiYo will work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of a body. And since Chalene Johnson cranked up the speed and the fun, crazy calories will be burned too!  In other words, get cardio, strength AND flexibility all at the SAME TIME without destroying  your body.


Is PiYo For Me?

This is one of the few programs on the market that is TRULY accessible to everyone from the absolute beginner to the most fit. Every move is modified to suit the needs of both ends of the spectrum and they’ve switched up the camera angles so you can see the modifications from the side to get a better idea of what to do with your body and the beginner modifier NEVER LEAVES THE SCREEN!

PiYo is for you if you’re tired of the jumping in today’s high impact workout videos or CAN’T do the jumping. It’s for people who don’t like using heavy weights but want the RESULTS that lifting heavy can give and it’s for anyone that’s super inflexible. It’s one of THE most effective NO IMPACT workouts on the market today and has been taught in gyms across North America for years so the transformation stories of this incredibly unique program are everywhere!

Just check out some of the awesome results these customers got!




Are you ready to get fit, feel amazing and HEAL your body?


EXCLUSIVE Test Group Beginning On July 7th

I am so incredibly excited to offer this exclusive test group to 10 committed people who want to change their bodies, gain more energy than they ever thought possible and feel amazing from the inside out.

On July 7th we’ll start the program together, from beginning to end (yep, the whole 60 days), in a private Facebook group so you can get support, encouragement and hold each other accountable. Everyone in the group will get fitness AND nutrition help from me, your coach!

PiYo is going to change the face of fitness and I want YOU to be part of it!

If you’re interested in joining me in getting into the absolute BEST shape of your life, fill out the following form ASAP.

Registration for this group ENDS on June 30th and will fill up FAST!