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VIP Backstage Pass

If you’re really serious about losing weight and gettin’ that rockin’ bod you’ve always wanted, I’m giving myself over to you for a backstage pass on what you need to turbocharge your weight loss and catapult your success! The majority of weight loss programs out there don’t take you and your own unique life into consideration which makes weight loss far more difficult than it needs to be. By going into your own home and taking your own life into account, we can work together to create a program that is 100% unique to you. I’ll help you to stay motivated, show you what’s happening in your home that may be sabotaging your success and even teach you how to use your kitchen effectively so that preparing and making healthy meals is a breeze. I LOVE seeing people experience a-ha moments in person and with this you’ll get an entire DAY of a-ha moments that will leave you motivated to achieve your goals and give you the confidence to make them happen. I’ll map out a SIMPLE PLAN to help you lose weight without sacrificing time or taste so you can spend your time living, NOT dieting.


The 4 Eye-Opening Benefits You’ll Experience When I Rock Your Health During Your VIP Day…

1. Motivation (Discover motivation that LASTS & get to the heart of your weight issues)

It’s one of the most popular questions I’m asked, “How can I stay motivated to lose weight?” During our VIP Day I’m going to help you become crystal clear on what will motivate you to stay on track and how to stay motivated during those inevitable “off” days. We’ll walk through a typical day in your life so we can begin to understand the behaviours and habits that are and are not serving your weight loss goals. When you know exactly what’s holding you back, you will turbocharge your weight loss! In the comfort of your own home we’ll look at your weight history so you can see the patterns that contribute to your weight issues and then I’ll help you to use this information to break away from those patterns and create new ones that will increase your health and energy.

2. Lose Weight (Get a step-by-step plan for weight loss success)

A goal without a plan is just wishful thinking so by the time we wrap up our day together you’ll come away with a step-by-step plan of action to get the weight off and keep it off! With your individual and unique life in mind, we’ll develop, together, a plan that works for you. We’ll set you & your home up for weight loss success, you’ll learn how to make simple & delicious meals with your favourite ingredients, you’ll get recommendations on workouts you can do in your home with whatever equipment you have on hand and you’ll learn the essential tips and tricks to shedding the pounds and keeping them off for good!

3. Save Time (Time saving strategies to get fit & healthy all while living a life you love)

I’m going to teach you some tried-and-true health “hacks” that will make getting healthy a hell of a lot easier than it was in the past. I’ll teach you the easiest and most effective method of meal planning to date and we’ll go to your local grocery store so you can learn all about the best spots to hang out in (& which spots to avoid) and grab your meals for the week! You’ll discover how to properly read product labels and learn all about the marketing techniques food companies use when they apply healthy labels to essentially unhealthy products.

You’ll also learn how to set your kitchen up for success learn the secrets as to how celebrity fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels and Chalene Johnson are able to keep healthy while still raising families.

4. Gain Confidence (You’ll begin to gain more confidence in yourself than you ever have before)

Something amazing happens when you decide to take control of your health – your confidence begins to grow!

By the end of our day together you’ll feel so much more confident of your ability to not only lose weight but to also keep it off. You’ll have the internal drive needed to keep you going to see you through to your weight loss goal and beyond. You’ll gain more confidence to make your own food decisions at the grocery store, confidence to say “no” to food pushers and even confidence in a restaurant as you’ll get hands-on experience learning how to order healthy meals when we go out for lunch! This confidence is guaranteed to seep into all other parts of your life. Taking control of your health is a gateway to taking control of your life! I can’t WAIT to see where it takes you!


Meet Therese Lean

Having been overweight since she was in single digits Therese Lean is somewhat of an expert when it comes to dieting.

When she was 13 years old she weighed 180 pounds and by the time she was 27 years old she weighed 250 pounds. During the Christmas of 2006/2007 Therese experienced an a-ha moment so profound that it changed her life immediately: being overweight SUCKED! She was tired of blaming her mediocre life on her weight issues and also knew that if she didn’t do something quick, heart disease would probably stop her, quite literally, dead in her tracks.

She decided to take back control of her life and immediately began taking the steps needed to become healthy and happy.

Since then she’s lost 100 pounds and discovered the secrets to losing weight and keeping it off that no other diet or program let’s people in on: it’s our habits and behaviours that need changing in conjunction with our food and exercise habits. You can’t expect to keep the weight off if you never swap your unhealthy habits for healthy ones, this is why commercial diets don’t work in the first place! They tell you what to eat but don’t teach you how to make it stick!

In 2011 after years of inadvertently coaching others how to lose weight she took the leap to become a weight loss coach full time where she’s currently revolutionizing the weight loss industry by emphasizing habit changes in her clients to great success!

Therese is available for 1-on-1 private coaching, group coaching, seminars/workshops and, of course, her VIP Days!


VIP Days are perfect for those who want individual attention to their lifestyle.

Most commercial diet plans are based on ideal situations. You know, situations where you don’t have pushy family members who try to medicate you with food or that you have friends who would actually want to go for a walk with you instead of heading to Starbucks. They don’t take into consideration that you may actually have issues with food that make eating only ½ cup of ice cream impossible (besides, who the hell eats only a half cup of ice cream, anyway?!). Diets don’t teach you how to make healthy eating a lifestyle (or enjoyable for that matter). By coming into your environment, I can help you identify what’s holding you back (even when you can’t) with an unbiased opinion. And not just any unbiased opinion, I’ve helped people lose 10, 20, 50+ pounds and keep it off! We can work together to make a weight loss plan that will actually work for you and your life, something you can’t get anywhere else!

Just a heads up, though, I’m not here to sugarcoat things for you – I’ll give you the straight-up goods about how you’re contributing to your own weight gain and I’ll challenge you to be perfectly honest with yourself. Without that honesty none of what we work on will stick and I want you to be outrageously successful! My visit will be PACKED with information that will make you achieve your weight loss goals once and for all!


What to expect during your VIP Day.

1. We’ll start with a kick-ass phone consultation!

So about a week or so before your VIP Day we’re going to have an initial 45-minute phone call to begin working on your weight history and we’ll continue it when we get together.

2. We begin at 9am!

I’m going to pop by your place around 9am with breakfast in hand for the both of us! Then the rest of the morning is usually spent getting to know you and your weight history and we’ll work together to help you get clear on what’s motivating you to lose weight and the problems you’ve been having in achieving your weight loss goals.

We’ll also do a house-tour so I can help you to discover how your environment (including your car) may be helping or hindering your weight loss goals. We’ll spend more time in the kitchen (obviously) as well as the area in your house where you work out (or would LIKE to work out – if you don’t know where I’ll help you choose the best spot).

By the end of your morning you’ll not only already begin to understand why you’ve had such a difficult time losing weight in the past but you’ll also begin to understand the role your environment plays in the success of your goals.

3. I treat you to lunch!

The house tour ends in your kitchen where I’ll teach you the easiest yet most effective way you can meal plan for the week and we’ll actually create a meal plan you can use for the week!

Then it’s off for lunch! We’ll go to a local restaurant and while we’re there I’ll teach you several tips and tricks you can use to ordering healthy meals regardless of the type of restaurant you wind up in.

We’ll also use this time to chill out and relax before we start on the second half of the day.

4. Your grocery-store tour!

With the meal plan we made before lunch in hand we’re going to head over to your local grocery store to grab some groceries for the week! We’re going to go to the store you use most often because there’s no point in going to a store you’ve never been before! While we shop for your groceries you’ll learn about the typical layout of a grocery store that you may not know about (I know I didn’t until someone taught me), how to effectively shop for your groceries so that you’re not tempted by junk food and you’ll also learn how to read food labels correctly. Food companies are sneaky in their advertising so I’m going to teach you what to look out for so that you’re not caught unawares!

5. The rest of the day: your personalized weight loss action plan!

Now that you’ve got a car full of healthy and yummy ingredients it’s time to head back home and create your personalized weight loss action plan!

This typically includes:
• Helping you set up your kitchen to make portion control a snap with just a few adjustments and tips.
• Creating an effective and individual workout plan that you can do in your own home (or in the gym if you prefer) that takes into consideration the amount of space you have to work with, the equipment you already have (if any – it’s not necessary to have any at all) and, most importantly, the amount of TIME you have to do it.
• We’ll go through your toughest scenarios (i.e., holiday meals with your family or cocktails with the girls) and work on ways you can handle them without throwing your goals into the trash.
• We’ll create a nutrition plan that allows you to eat all of your favourite foods yet still lose weight (it’s totally possible with my wicked Eat Like A Rockstar method of nutrition).
• I’ll share with you my own personal strategies and best tips for making weight loss not only easier but also, shockingly enough, enjoyable!
• And much more!
We’ll take as long as we need for you to feel comfortable and confident enough to carry out your new plan but it usually wraps up around 6pm or so.

6. Follow Up

About two weeks after our VIP Day we’ll jump on the phone to answer any questions you may have had since we got together and to see how your plan is working so we can adjust it if necessary. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere after this call! You’ll be able to get in touch with me as you journey along your plan with short emails or calls because we really want to make sure this plan works for YOU!


Could you benefit from a VIP Day?

As cool as all of this sounds, not everyone is ready for a VIP Day. This day is time and energy intensive for BOTH of us so there are a few requirements:
• You are serious about getting to the heart of your weight issues and are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get the weight off for good (this VIP Day isn’t right for you if you’re looking for a quick fix).
• You are free from any serious medical conditions (the VIP Day isn’t right for you if you are under medical supervision – instead, listen to your DOC!).
• You are able to get your house to yourself for the day (VIP Days work better when we’re alone so that you can focus on the task at hand and are comfortable enough to say what’s on your mind – even if it’s about your spouse or kids!).

The VIP Day does require you to complete a brief application (trust me, it doesn’t hurt) and I’ll go over it to make sure we’d be a good fit for each other.

If it’s all cool I’ll send you the payment information where you can pay in full or in installments (but you must be paid up in full by the time we have our VIP Day).

The total investment for this crazy-cool VIP Day is $1,199* (plus the cost of groceries).

This opportunity isn’t for everybody. It’s for people who are finally fed up of spending their lives dieting and are ready to do whatever it takes to get the weight off and keep it off!

The amount of knowledge you’ll gain about yourself and the tips and tricks I give you alone are worth the investment in this day so you can just imagine how much you’ll get back by implementing the action plan you receive when we’re done!

If you’re ready to get this party started and finally break free from the dieting cycle forever, apply here…


Apply for your VIP Day

Download the form and email it back to me! I’ll shoot you a message to see if a VIP Day is right for you!


*For clients in the GTA area only. If you are outside the GTA please email me for a quote!