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How To Request A Shakeology Sample

I’d love for you to try Shakeo for yourself but I know that sometimes you need to taste it before committing so I do offer samples. Each packet is $6 ($4 for the sample + $2 shipping). Why do I charge? Because I pay out of my own pocket for these samples and I’m looking for serious inquiries! I accept PayPal payments and e-transfers (use the email Before I can do any of that however, I need you to do the following things.

***Dislaimer: These samples are for new customers only who don’t already have a coach or who aren’t actively working with a coach. If you do have a Beachbody coach and want a sample, please be considerate and ask THEM for a sample.***

Please make me your official Beachbody Coach:, all ya gotta do is click “Join” and choose Free or Club Membership (if you become a Club Member you get 10% off all future orders – including Shakeo – and you get a ton of other cool things you won’t get with the Free Player Membership which includes access to Beachbody’s upcoming digital streaming service: Beachbody On Demand with FULL ACCESS to some of the most popular workout programs in the world – including P90X and Insanity).


If you’ve ever bought anything from Beachbody before or any workout programs, I need you to switch your coach to me. I’ve made it super easy for ya. Just copy and paste this exact email and send to and/or

Fill in your personal information as requested.

SUBJECT: Switch Coach to Therese Lean

“My name is ________________, my Team Beachbody email is __________________. I would like to transfer my coach to have THERESE LEAN, Coach ID# 191713, email is, as my NEW Beachbody Coach. Please make the switch as soon as possible. I request that you notify me and Coach Therese when the transfer has successfully processed. Thank you!”

Watch these two videos so you know what I am sending you:



You should be serious about Shakeology. It cost me money from my own pocket to send you a sample from my own personal Shakeology collection. I can’t afford to just send samples to anyone who wants to try it; therefore, please only request a sample if you are committed to purchasing Shakeology if you like the taste of it. Also, notice that Shakeology is a complete meal replacement that costs $130USD/month (or $97.50USD/month as a coach). If you use Shakeology as intended, to replace meals, it will easily justify the cost and not only save you money, but promote better and faster results. Are you committed to trying Shakeology?


When you’ve done the first three steps, please send me an email letting me know that you completed them along with your address and which flavour you’d like to try: Chocolate, Strawberry or Vanilla. I’ll usually get back to requests within 24 hours!


Will The Free Shakeology Sample Make a Difference?
Probably not since you’re only trying it once. Shakeology needs to be taken daily for at least a week before it really starts to get to work for you. A sample packet will only give you a taste. Chocolate (mixed with unsweetened almond milk) is my absolute favorite. Since Beachbody gives you a 30-day money back guarantee on Shakeology (even if you finish the ENTIRE bag), you can return it for a full refund if you don’t think it did anything for you. This is the only way you’ll get to know if it works for you.